Secret Squirrel





Fur color

Yellow (1965) ; Dark brown (1993)

Voiced by

Mel Blanc (1965) ; Jess Harnell (1993)


Young Secret

Secret Squirrel is a secret agent working at the secret agent facility.He and his friend Morroco Mole team up together to fight crime. He is voiced by Mel Blanc in the 1965 series and by Jess Harnell on the 1993 remake.

Secret Squirrel is a brown male squirrel who wears a white trenchcoat and a purple fedora, though still revealing his eyes. His number designation is Agent 000 and he works under orders of his superior, Double Q. Together with Morroco Mole, they solve crimes using a variety of gadgets hidden inside of Secret's trenchcoat and fedora.

Super Secret Squirrel was once a very young squirrel on Yo! Yogi Show in 1991. When his only father unknowingly left to leave his only son to carry on his legacy and stays to live with his Uncle Undercover‘s house.