Season 1 (1965–1966)Edit

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Sub Swiper" 1965 October 2
Secret and Morocco are assigned to locate a vanished atomic submarine in the hands of Captain Ahab.
2 "Masked Granny" 1965 October 9
Secret and Morocco have a mission to secure the Bombay Bomb in the Pentagon, whilst the Masked Granny undergoes a heist to steal it.
3 "Scotland Yard Caper" 1965 October 16
Secret receives orders from London to recover the stolen Crown and Jewels. He does, but is accused of being the thief himself.
4 "Robin Hood & His Merry Muggs" 1965 October 23
Secret and Morocco try to track down some thieves, who are using a Robin Hood television show to cover their thefts.
5 "Wolf in Cheap Cheap Clothing" 1965 October 30
Secret and Morocco are sent to stop Wily Wolf from smuggling sheep. Secret lures him into a trap with a Red Riding Hood scenario.
6 "Royal Run Around" 1965 November 6
Secret and Morocco are assigned to safeguard Pasha Panchabaggie, but Pasha rides away on his flying carpet and proves difficult to catch.
7 "Yellow Pinkie" 1965 November 13
Secret and Morocco are sent to catch an enemy agent called Yellow Pinkie, who seems too smart for them.
8 "Five Is a Crowd" 1965 November 20
Dr. Dangit creates duplicates of Secret Squirrel to commit crimes and frame the real one. Secret follows the duplicates to Dangit's hideouts and turns them against him.
9 "It Stopped Training" 1965 November 27
Secret and Morocco are put on a case to recover the Silver Streak Express train which is stolen by Yellow Pinkie with a shrinking ray gun.
10 "Wacky Secret Weapon" 1965 December 4
Secret and Morocco are assigned to protect a secret weapon only to lose it to Yellow Pinkie, but they pin him down at the seaport.
11 "Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo" 1965 December 11
Secret receives a mission from England to retrieve the Big Ben clock stolen by a giant to make a cuckoo clock out of it.
12 "Catty Cornered" 1965 December 18
Upon being called in by a scientist, Secret and Morocco attempt to catch what seems to be a cat containing explosive atoms inside. Unfortunately, a chasingdog makes their task difficult.
13 "Leave Wheel Enough Alone" 1965 December 25
Secret and Morocco try to catch Yellow Pinkie who stole all the gold from the mint, but will have to chase him in a car race first.
14 "Jester Minute" 1966 January 1
Secret and Morocco are sent to safeguard the king's crown only for it to be stolen by Yellow Pinkie and Secret thwarts his every traps.
15 "Not So Idle Idol" 1966 January 8
Yellow Pinkie steals a golden idol and only Secret can locate its whereabouts.
16 "Gold Rushed" 1966 January 15
While vacationing in Washington DC, Secret and Morocco chase after Yellow Pinkie who stole a gold bullion from the Granbovian Embassy.
17 "Double Ex-Double Cross" 1966 January 22
Secret and Morocco investigate the petrified population of Okey Dokey Isle. Then they nab the responsible perpetrator Double-Ex.
18 "Capt. Kidd's Not Kidding" 1966 January 29
Secret and Morocco go aboard a Spanish galleon to investigate the ghost of Captain Kidd who is actually Yellow Pinkie seeking gold.
19 "Bold Rush" 1966 February 5
Morocco takes the liberty of locating a gold shipment stolen by Yellow Pinkie all by himself. Secret discreetly assists during his vacation.
20 "Tusk-Tusk" 1966 February 12
Secret and Morocco try to find a missing elephant that was taken prisoner by the Grand Wazir to overthrow the Rajah.

Season 2 (1966–1968)Edit

No. Title Original airdate
21 "Robot Rout" 1966 September 10
Yellow Pinkie is promoted president due to a mass robotic brainwashing on the citizens. Secret and Morocco head to Yellow Pinkie's lab to confront him, but he turns Morocco against Secret.
22 "The Pink Sky Mobile" 1966 September 17
Secret and Morocco battle Yellow Pinkie in his new Sky Mobile against their Spy Car. Both of them end up with scooting vehicles.
23 "Scuba Duba Duba" 1966 September 24
Secret and Morocco are assigned to recover a missile stolen by the spy Scuba Duba before he can destroy city under ransom.
24 "Hi-Spy" 1966 October 29
Secret is sent to confront the evil criminal scientist Hy Spy face-to-face in France, but Secret cannot outsmart him.
25 "Spy in the Sky" 1966 November 12
Hy Spy is intent causing destruction on the globe with his armed satellite. Secret and Morocco head to the satellite to halt his plans.
26 "Ship of Spies" 1966 November 26
Secret and Morocco are assigned to locate Hy Spy's invisible ship and put his plan out of action.

Super Secret Squirrel (1993)Edit

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Goldflipper" September 5, 1993
An evil sea lion named Goldflipper creates a giant gold magnet that steals golden teeth. Secret Squirrel goes under cover as a Squirrely Girly scout to thwart the evil plan and recover all the stolen teeth.
2 "Greg" September 12, 1993

Secret Squirrel investigates a mysterious candy disappearance caused by a gingerbread man named Greg.

NOTE: This episode is never replayed on Boomerang arings because of Greg's rhyming-talk. Update: as of 7/30/2012 this episode has been replayed onBoomerang

3 "Quark" September 19, 1993
A sub-atomic particle is destroying important monuments in order to make an amphitheater out of North America and Secret Squirrel has to shrink down to an atomic size to stop him.
4 "Queen Bea" September 26, 1993
Queen Bea and her honey bee henchmen capture Secret Squirrel during a Honey Bank robbery so that Queen Bea can force Secret Squirrel's hand in marriage, but Penny comes to his rescue.
5 "Hot Rodney" October 3, 1993
During a race against a racing rooster named Hot Rodney, Secret Squirrel is waylaid by Hot Rodney's orchestrated kidnapping of Morocco.
6 "Egg" October 10, 1993
Morocco Mole receives a mandatory special assignment to hold a "rare" egg for at least three seconds, but has a hard time doing so.
7 "Chameleon" October 17, 1993
Expensive paintings are stolen on the night of a museum gala and Secret Squirrel discovers an art-loving, sophisticated chameleon has pilfered all the art for his own personal collection.
8 "Agent Penny" October 24, 1993
In an attempt to cut down his expenses, the Chief replaces Secret Squirrel with Penny and hires Morocco as his secretary. Snooper and Blabber make speaking cameo appearances.
9 "Scirocco Mole" October 31, 1993
In a quiz show hosted by a fox, Secret Squirrel briefs the origin of his partnership with Morocco and the encounter with Morocco's evil twin brother Scirocco. Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Big Dog and Little Dog make cameo appearances as the other contestants.
10 "Platypus" November 7, 1993
Secret Squirrel, Morocco Mole and the Chief get their bodies mixed in Platypus' descrambler and have a hard time catching him in their states.
11 "Doctor O" November 14, 1993
Secret Squirrel has to stop an opossum named Doctor O from blocking out the sun with a satellite, but he has to do it blind in total darkness.
12 "One Ton" November 21, 1993
Secret Squirrel attempts to stop a crazy panda called One-Ton (wordplay on won ton), but Secret Squirrel has orders from the Chief not to harm the endangered panda.
13 "Voodoo Goat" November 28, 1993
Secret Squirrel must stop an evil shaman goat who makes a voodoo doll of the Chief in order to gain power over the agency.